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PCB Transformer Removal and Warehousing.

It’s one thing to remove a heavy piece of equipment, but it’s a whole new ballgame when the equipment involves contaminated elements. The degree of knowledge and specialization is critical to make sure your company adheres to all EPA requirements for disposal as well as general safety for your employees.

In February we received a call to remove FOUR PCB transformers from a plant in Huntsville, Alabama. In four days with a crew of six, we were able to successfully complete the removal. The project included lowering the transformers approximately 30 feet, draining the fluid and executing the full removal and disposal of the contents and the transformers.

We took care of every detail and completed the work ahead of schedule. We call this a GRAND SLAM!

In addition, we are also seeing more and more need for warehousing and storage.  We can provide heated or unheated, short- or long-term warehouse space. Recently, we transported and unloaded this equipment for a customer and will store until they are ready to install.  Most people know our history as riggers, but our service line is fully inclusive to provide you support for whatever you need.

Our team is experienced and specialized for any job. We welcome the opportunity to be your partner too!