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As manufacturing changes, we are seeing equipment such as presses, and dies become heavier and heavier. On a regular basis, we lift 105,000 lb dies and presses for our customers, sometimes on a daily or weekly basis. And, as you know, that means a day to setup gantry, a lift/move day and then a breakdown install day – that’s 3 days! Many of our customers are updating their operations with these newer, heavier production elements, but they don’t have the time traditional rigging equipment requires for the project. That’s one of the main reasons we searched and added this new lift to our inventory – to save our customers time and money!

I’d like to introduce you to the mega lift behind me in this photo. This is one of, if not the most powerful lift in the United States. She’s actually one of four in the US and one of a limited number in the world. She has the capacity to lift and move 140,000 lbs (that’s not a typo! Yes, 140K!!). Featuring a hydraulic riggers boom, the lift can navigate 48,000 lbs with a horizontal reach of 15 feet and 6 inches. This is the lift that will lift your equipment, when others can’t. There’s no way we can overly state the absolute power and efficiency of this machine. In our biz, she is the ultimate moving beast.

Traditional jobs at this lifting capacity used to take a day to setup gantry, a day to move and a day to install. With this lift, our mobilization time is shorter, often just one day and the entire service is quicker and more efficient on your production schedules. Want to learn more about how this machine can cut your rental times in half? Give us a call today.